When you think of a fun time out with your friends, isn’t it true you want to hang out and watch a cool band playing songs you know and love (and sing to) at your favorite local bar, club or party place?

That’s what you get with Austin Drive … a hangin’-out-rocking-the-crowd kind of band playing cover tunes that span an eclectic range from Bowie to Buffet, Neil Young, Doors, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Marvin Gaye, Elvis Costello, and Peter Frampton (not including the other stuff they’re always working on to improve their appeal and impact with a live audience).

This group of talented ‘conventional’ local musicians came together in an ‘unconventional’ way …   with Joel and Terry jamming on the porch of Joel’s house on Austin Drive in 2008, just for fun (hence the name, Austin Drive).  Then came Bob, Phil, and Doug who knew someone that connected them to each other.

This band was meant to be, and Austin Drive has been playing live since August ’09 by popular demand at places like Joey D’s, North Park Deckhouse Lounge, Nied’s Hotel, CJ’s, Rocky’s, Zotolla’s, LaRoche College (benefit), PNC Bank FunFest grand opening event, the Runway Bar & Grille, and the Fox Chapel Yacht Club Baha Bar & Grill.

We don’t play often, but perform the best around for the budget.

  • Joel Wagner, is the Austin in Austin Drive, and provides a smooth but rocking mix of acoustic rhythm guitar, soulful harmonica and gritty, story-telling vocals.
  • Terry Mihm is the Drive behind Austin Drive with hard hitting guitar and vocals that get you on your feet, playing air guitar like a kid, and singing at the top of your lungs.

Rounding out the band members are:

  • Phil Cushing, who hails from Punxutawney, PA, can kick out the drums with the best of ‘em.
  • Robert O., the glue of the band as bass guitar extraordinaire who also plays electric guitar.
  • Doug Webb, our keyboard player, blends his soulful keyboards to the mix.  He also performs with Antz Marching,

Get more info, including a demo DVD and CD from Joel or Terry.

You gotta hear this band.


Joel Wagner – 724.612.6535
Terry Mihm  – 412.999.7205

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